4K Gamer Pro Instructions and FAQs

Setup Instruction

If you have an issue with the setup, first please check the instruction at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9Us69_UukQ

Issues & Solutions

Q: Why do I see the black screen when 4KGP is on bypass mode?
A: Please connect your USB-C cable to a different power source.


Q: Why do I see the black screen when 4KGP is on?

  1. Please make sure you’re using an HDMI 2.0(a) cable or a higher version of the cable
  2. Please make sure your game console has 1080p output (Preference > TV resolution > 1080p output).
  3. Please re-connect the Nintendo Switch back to the dock when 4KGP is on
  4. Please check if the HDMI extender is working or not
  5. If you did the above four steps correctly but still have the issue, please contact us.


Q: My 4KGP is working well. Why does my screen flicker black sometimes?
A: Please replace another HDMI extender to see if the issue has been resolved.


Q: Will 4KGP support a 1440p monitor?
A: No. 4KGP only supports 4K TV


Q: Why Gigabyte 4k monitor with 4KGP has no audio?
A: Please turn off the 'HDMI 2.1 support' on your monitor's setting menu.


Q: What if I cannot find the obvious difference between 4KGP ON/OFF?

  1. Please use your 4K TV to watch this video in 4k resolution at https://youtu.be/xr8FRhbMrWM?t=258
  2. Please play the games shown in the video on your TV with 4K Gamer Pro
  3. If you cannot achieve the same result as the YouTube videos, you may need to change to a higher-quality HDMI 2.0a or HDMI 2.1 cable and check again.


Daisy Chain Issue

Q: How do I set up the daisy chain with other upscalers such as RetroTink 5X, MiSTer, and mClassic?
A: The right order should be Game Console > other dongle > HDMI extender > 4K Gamer Pro > HDMI 2.0a / HDMI 2.1 cable > 4K TV


Q: Why does the screen show black for the daisy chain with other upscalers?
A: In most cases, some 4K Monitors or 4K TVs identified the input signal as 1440p

  1. Solution 1: Adjust the preference on your monitor or TV. Ex, turn off deep color on LG TV.
  2. Solution 2: If you can get 1440p resolution by connecting those dongles without 4KGP, then you need to add an EDID adapter between other upscalers and 4KGP to limit the resolution from 1440p to 1080p.


Q: Can 4KGP be compatible with RetroTink 5X?
A: Yes


Q: Can 4KGP be compatible with MiSTer FPGA?
A: Yes. Please change the mister.ini file from "video_mode=8" to "video_mode=1920,88,44,148,1080,3,5,37,148500,+hsync,-vsync".


Q: Can 4KGP is compatible with OSSC?
A: Unfortunately, no.