PhotoCube PD+ Instructions and FAQs

Setup Instruction

If you have an issue with the setup, first please check the instruction at


Issues & Solutions

Q: How does OTG Backup Mode work? 
A: Utilize OTG Backup Mode to instantly back up data directly from Type-C devices without needing external power sources or cables. It's designed for seamless backup experiences, allowing you to secure your data anytime, anywhere. 

Q: Can PhotoCube PD+ charge my phone and back up data at the same time?
A: Yes, PhotoCube PD+ supports PD fast charging, enabling your phone to charge while performing data backups. This feature ensures your device stays powered up during the backup process, compatible with a wide range of smartphones.

Q: Is PhotoCube PD+ compatible with my device?
A: PhotoCube PD+ is designed to work with both Android and iOS devices, supporting Type-C and non-Type-C connections. It's a universal backup solution for today's diverse range of smartphones.

Q: What types of data can PhotoCube PD+ back up?
A: PhotoCube PD+ automatically backs up essential data such as Photos, Videos, Contacts, and Calendar entries, ensuring your most valuable information is securely stored.